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SP Bharill Profile

SP Bharill is a success icon for many Indians was born in a middle class family in Vidisha (M.P.) and was brought up in Jaipur Rajasthan. His parents are very religious and renowned personalities. They hold very high values of spirituality and preach across the country. Being the single child of his parents Mr. Bharill was highly influenced by the glory of blissful thoughts they preached. They consider all his achievements as blessings from the almighty.

What made Mr. Bharill something different from the crowd? What were his aspirations to become big?

Mr. Bharill is a leading motivational Indian Speaker, inspiring, motivating and transforming the lives of many people. He is an Educator, Business Consultant and a successful Entrepreneur. With his personality development trainings, workshops and seminars, he inspires and encourages people, making them to realize their true potential to fulfill their dreams. He has positively revolutionized the lives of his million followers. Mr. Bharill is a successful Leadership Guru and an excellent motivator. His awe-inspiring leadership understanding and experience has helped people on the path of personal growth and fulfillment. His struggles and trials have taught him lessons that he will share with you, helping you to understand your potential, thus providing you the guidance to attain it.

Mr. Bharill's life story is an inspiring journey that led him to become a powerful Motivational Speaker, Speech Coach and Author. He can provide you tips and advice on how to improve your relationships, make possible personal development, increase sales and build up your leadership skills, as well as empowering the youth for a brighter future. Mr. Bharill helps you to unwrap the gift you have inside you: Your Infinite Greatness!

Mr. Bharill is also the author of one of the National bestsellers "18 chapters", He has been awarded with "Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award" in 2006 for his social works for the benefit of the people in India. By creating awareness and promoting the significance of hope and spiritual approach, he is constantly helping the people to transform their dreams to reality. Mr. Bharill is also named as "Mr. Excitement Speaker", by his Audiences.

His Trademark is: - "Take it easy and let's celebrate" - S P Bharill

As a Speaker

Millions of people have attended his dynamic workshops on leadership, Personality development and Communication skills. This "Excitement Speaker" has preached Millions of people across the country.

As an Author

National Best Seller "18 Chapters": This Book is about a boy 'Raja' who since his childhood is sad, sorrowful, fearful and irritated with his life. He cursed himself at every step. He even tried to suicide! Can Raja's life become a gift? How?


He has been awarded with "Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award" in 2006, for his social works for the benefit of the people of India.

"Empowering People to Realize Their Dreams"

SP Bharill is on a mission of happy and flourishing India and is continually striving with the best of his capabilities towards the accomplishment of his cherished dream. Mr. Bharill knows that this can be done only through financial, physical and spiritual development of people. Therefore, by creating awareness about and promoting the significance of hope, optimistic approach, healthy body, mutual help and brotherhood, he is constantly trying to help the people to be able to live a monetarily independent life.